Students For Liberty’s Strike Teams is an activism grant project for pro-liberty student groups around the world. Current students are welcome to apply for a grant of up to $250 for expenses incurred in promoting the issue area tied to the grant.




SFL experimented for the first time with “Strike Teams,” an internal task team of sorts designed to facilitate interdepartmental collaboration on timely issues that affect our students. Strike teams were focused on advancing a single issue at a time to our network, and included Campus Disorientation, Constitution Day, and “Not Just a Gun” gun-rights activism.



Be a current student
Save receipts for reimbursements
Share sign-ups and photos of the event with SFL
Write a short description of the activity (200 words or more)
The reimbursement can be used for a variety of purchases related to the activism event (e.g. table, poster board, honoraria, food, drink, gas, etc.). The only restrictions are that they cannot be used for personal use or to purchase alcohol. Students For Liberty is not liable for any damages or harm during a student organization’s activism event.

Once you’ve been accepted to receive a Strike Teams grant, we’ll be in contact about the reimbursement process.
For any questions, contact Shaun Curry at [email protected]


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