The Case for Open Borders
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Immigration and the moral status of national borders have historically divided many liberty-oriented thinkers and remains a hot-button issue among the libertarian minded. An issue this complex can be approached from a variety of different analytical lenses. Libertarian thinkers have studied borders from a wide array of ethical, economic, sociological, and political viewpoints over the years, yet a widespread consensus on the their role, if they have one, has yet to be realized in the community. The debates about the moral status of national borders, the economic effects of immigration, the way in which immigration affects culture, and the political consequences of immigration policy have roused freedom lovers’ intellects, imaginations, and hunger for debate for decades. But the time has come for a consistent, reasonable, and libertarian approach to borders. Put simply, borders are a contentious, complex issue and libertarians are in a perfect situation to provide a consistent, principled solution. Leading this riveting discussion is economist Bryan Caplan, who will be helping us explore the ins and outs of the border debate from moral, economic, cultural, and political viewpoints. What is the solution to the immigration problem? Open the borders!

    • Discussion Leader: Dr. Bryan Caplan, Department of Economics, George Mason University
    • Meeting Dates: Summer 2015


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