War, Security, and Liberty
Virtual Reading Group

Book Review: Unsafe Space
June 13, 2016
Today in History: 1932 Siamese Revolution
June 24, 2016


a SFL Virtual Reading Group


Issues of national security and intervention have always been a source of tension and disagreement among classical liberals and libertarians. This reading group will explore a variety of issues related to war, security, and liberty from an economic perspective. The topics covered will include: common justifications for state-provided security, the political economy of foreign intervention, the origins of the permanent war economy in the United States, the perverse incentives created by the military contracting process, and the negative effects of foreign intervention on the liberties and freedoms of U.S. citizens.

    • Discussion Leader: Dr. Chris Coyne, Department of Economics, George Mason University
    • Meeting Dates: Summer 2016


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