Bill Wirtz

September 25, 2017

Ask your grandparents how awesome capitalism is

Every family has their habits when it comes to staying in touch with the elderly. To many it is a regular chore for which every feasible excuse to not indulge in it […]
September 17, 2017

Tools for arguments: Why are U.S. infant mortality rates higher?

Tools for Arguments attempts to provide important facts (in a short form) to advocates for liberty, which they can and should use when discussing libertarian ideas. In discussions about healthcare, and its […]
September 9, 2017

From this year on, Swedes can once again ‘Dance With Somebody’

Anyone remember this catchy “Dance With Somebody” song? The Swedish Pop-Band Mando Diao had really put this track into our ears in 2009, when ironically it wasn’t really allowed for Swedes to […]
August 26, 2017

When it comes to masturbation, we have always been about self-ownership

There is strange divergence of thought when it comes to self-ownership. For most of public opinion, your body belongs to yourself when it comes to things like tattoos, piercings, gaining weight, losing […]
August 24, 2017

Do We Need Government to Protect Public Health?

In June, launched an essay contest on the question of “Do We Need Government to Protect Public Health?”. These were the winners awarded: 1st place: Can Capitalism Cure Healthcare from Government? […]
August 12, 2017

Your Toughest Breakup

This is probably not news to you. You can get used to a state of mind, a way of life, a person. People measure their dependency on another person differently, but regardless […]
August 5, 2017

Safarisource: The Airbnb for Safaris cuts out the middle-man

As the sharing economy develops, the opportunities for cutting out the middle-man seem endless. After Lyft and Uber revolutionised personal transport, BlaBlaCar challenged public transportation and Airbnb overthrew our concept of monetising […]
July 28, 2017

How ‘Unschooling’ Opens New Ways of Education to Children

Remember school? Long and painful hours of disheartening top-down teaching from a professor who knows very well that none of his students have any interest what so ever in the subject at […]
July 22, 2017

Liberty Face Off: Should Libertarians Care About Animal Welfare?

In this Liberty Face Off, Daniel Issing and Ivan Bertović discuss Animal Rights: Should libertarians care about animal welfare? Classical Liberals are Ignorant About Animal Welfare, and for No Good Reasons By Daniel Issing In his Principles of […]
July 20, 2017

“I worked for free”. No you didn’t.

A few weeks ago I committed the worst crimes of all by defending unpaid internships on social media: Stop saying "unpaid internship". It's not unpaid, you got an education. Zveřejnil(a) Bill Wirtz […]
June 27, 2017

Judges Don’t Use Uber

“Uber is a transportation company”, says senior advisor to the European Court of Justice Maciej Szpunar. If the ECJ were actually to adopt the same attitude as the Polish legal advisor, then […]
June 19, 2017

The Boom of the Carpool Market: Free Marketeers Who Don’t Realise that they are

Here’s some good advice when it comes to taking trains in France: don’t. The more I delved into the horror show that is state-run rail, the more the delays, the broken wires, […]