Michael Hall

June 28, 2017

Sessions’ crusade against marijuana hurts the most vulnerable

Originally published in Rare by Garett Roush on June 27, 2017 If Attorney General Jeff Sessions had his way, I would once again be at risk of constant seizures. The former U.S. Senator from Alabama and now the nation’s top cop has started a crusade against states that have allowed access to cannabis for both medicinal and recreational use. As an epileptic, medicinal marijuana has allowed me to stave off seizures after more than 10 months. No longer do I fear an episode and the pain that comes with it. Mr. Sessions must not ignore the medicinal benefits of marijuana in the free market. After being force-fed “FDA Approved” benzodiazepines and a consistent rotation of side-effect ridden epilepsy medications, it took only cannabis to stop […]
June 27, 2017

Teklemariam Bekit

 SFL SUCCESS STORY: Teklemariam Bekit  SFL Africa A successful effort in getting SFL on the map in Eritrea Teklemariam Bekit is a Member of the African Executive Board at Students for Liberty. He is the founder of Eritrean Students for Liberty which he formed in 2015 to reach out to the Eritrean and Ethiopian Refugees and Immigrants living in Kenya. On June 24, 2017 Bekit hosted a full day seminar on Liberty & Free Society from the Eritrean Perspective. The Seminar was hosted at the Tangaza University, Nairobi Kenya and attracted 42 participants from the Eritrean, Kenyan and the South Sudanese communities. Presentations were made on Freedom and the Role of Government, The Institution of a Free Society and Toleration by various speakers among them Teklemariam […]
June 27, 2017

George Colindres

SFL SUCCESS STORY: George Colindres SFL Latin America Advancing Free-Market Solutions to Poverty in Honduras George Colindres is a former Executive Board member of Eslibertad (2015-2016) who joined SFL-Eslibertad in the year 2014 as a Local Coordinator in Honduras with the purpose of building up a team of students that researched, understood and spread the ideas of economic and political freedom at several Honduras college campuses where there were no groups focused on those ideas. It was during that same year that George and his team had an important role in solving a conflict that was taken place at the Autonomous University (UNAH-VS) where a group of Marxist students decided to take over the entire campus in a violent manner by intimidating students and physically […]
June 27, 2017

Francisco Costa

SFL SUCCESS STORY: Francisco Costa SFL Latin America Advancing Liberty on Education: Francisco Costa and the Sociedad Movement Francisco Costa is currently a Law student and a Senior Local Coordinator for Estudiantes por la Libertad in Valparaíso, Chile. Francisco has found himself fighting for something that Chilean youth cherish deeply: higher education that is accessible and of quality. Francisco and other recognized student leaders founded “Sociedad” (Society), a liberty-oriented political movement that promotes “associative liberalism” and “social and economic autonomy of higher education”. Unfortunately, the student movements that are pushing educational issues are mostly socialist-leaning, and advocate for a state-controlled education. Francisco, as the first National Coordinator of Sociedad, has openly opposed these types of policies. To him and the people involved in the movement, […]
June 10, 2017

Join the 2017-2018 Blog Team!

Are you a strong writer who wants to reach a wide audience and make your voice heard? Then apply today and be a part of our 2017-2018 Blog Team! As a member of the Blog Team, you will be responsible for writing two posts a month. These posts can be on a wide array of topics from current events, to the philosophy of liberty, or issues you’re facing spreading liberty on campus! We even accept scathing satire and BuzzFeed-style listicles! No matter what you want to share, being a part of the SFL Blog Team is a great way to ensure your voice is heard. In just this past month, SFL blog posts have been read by over 12,000 – and this is the off-season! […]
June 7, 2017

North America:
May 2017 Update

SFL North America MAY 2017 UPDATE Consumer Choice Center launches in Canada The Consumer Choice Center is a new initiative designed to empower consumers all around the world. In May, they made their Canadian debut. Among the speakers at this event discussing how to engage civil society and activate grassroots movements for consumer choice were Maxime Bernier, Member of Canadian Parliament; Guy Bentley, Reason Foundation; David Clement and Fred Roeder, Consumer Choice Center. More information on the event that took place can be found here. SFL leader threatened for speaking out Jessica Murphy, Campus Coordinator at University of Wisconsin Green Bay, recently published an article highlighting the five most wasteful courses being offered at her school. University of Wisconsin is a public university and so […]
June 5, 2017

The ’17-’18 North American Executive Board

Here at Students For Liberty, we are thrilled to be working with dedicated and passionate students who care about making the world a freer place. Our North American Executive Board works with students to help them coordinate their events and activism to ensure they are as impactful as they can be. Today, we are honored to announce the 2017-2018 North American Executive Board. We are confident our North America program is in good hands with these students using their talents to spread liberty in the United States and Canada! Chris Harelson – Chairman, North American Executive Board Chris has served as a Students For Liberty Campus Coordinator & West Regional Director, Young Americans for Liberty State Chair, Field Director for Americans for Prosperity, Staff for […]
May 22, 2017

United States:
All in for Liberty – June 10

Date: June 10th Time: 10 AM – 4 PM, Poker Tournament + Social begins at 4 Location: Redwood Auditorium, University of Oregon campus in Eugene, Oregon Theme: Government Overreach – Taxation and Public Lands Speakers Professor Randal O’Toole, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute Wally Hicks, former State Representative, County Legal Counsel Dr. James Huffman, Dean Emeritus at Lewis and Clark Law School With a special video presentation from Grover Norquist, Founder and President of Americans for Tax Reform Want to play poker and learn about government overreach? Taxation is a uniform issue across the United States, while public land issues are especially relevant to the western portion of the country. There are many areas the size of small countries controlled by the government, limiting where people can live and […]
May 19, 2017

Imantaka Nugraha

 SFL SUCCESS STORY: Imantaka Nugraha SFL Charter Teams SFL Indonesia president bringing the free market to Jakarta Imantaka Nugraha is one of the co-founders of SFL Indonesia and currently serves as their president. Imantaka initiated and co-founded SFL Indonesia in August 2015 right after he attended the International Society for Individual Liberty world conference in Bali, where he met many SFLers from all around the world. Since then, SFL Indonesia has grown rapidly into an organization that inspired many other SFL chapters in Southeast Asia. He has spoken at many events in the entire Pacific region on topics such as the sharing economy and Uber, the liberty movement in Indonesia, religious freedom, free market environmentalism, inefficiencies of state-owned businesses and so forth. With SFL Indonesia, Imantaka […]
May 9, 2017

Victoria Ibiwoye

 SFL SUCCESS STORY: Victoria Ibiwoye SFL Africa Educating and empowering young leaders in Africa Victoria Ibiwoye is a former ASFL Local Coordinator from Nigeria. She is the founder of One African Child, a non-profit initiative founded primarily to aide children on the African soil to realise their true identity and their place in society. The organization’s mission is to educate and empower young African Leaders. The organization executes community projects that seek to educate and transform the lives of children. Victoria recently represented One African Child at the UNESCO NGO Forum 2017 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia which was a summit on education. View Other SFL Success Stories If you want to support students like Victoria, please invest in liberty today. It is tax-deductible and will change […]
May 8, 2017

North America:
April 2017 Update

  SFL North America APRIL 2017 UPDATE Speak Freely Summit Our largest event in April was a massive success. With over 200 registrants, the Speak Freely Summit provided an opportunity for liberty-minded people to collaborate on the best practices to further free speech on campuses throughout North America. We were honored to host Dave Rubin, Flemming Rose, Casey Given, Faisal Mutar, Sara Taksler, Rob Montz, and Jim Caruso as speakers at this special event alongside our Speak Freely Advocates. To read more about the Speak Freely Summit, check out a blog post written by one of our student leaders, Caitlyn Tierney, here! Free to Be Art Gala at NYU The Free to Be Art Gala took place in New York to stress the importance of […]
April 28, 2017

Antonella S. Marty

SFL SUCCESS STORY: Antonella S. Marty SFL Latin America Advancing Liberty through Public Policy and Academia in Argentina Antonella got in touch with SFL’s Latin American branch, Eslibertad, due to some members and leaders like Luis Silva-Ball who motivated her to join the movement while she was doing an internship at Cato Institute in Washington D.C. Previously, Antonella had also been an intern at Atlas Network were she became familiar with the ideas of liberty. It seemed like timing or destiny, but at that time Antonella received an invitation to participate in one of SFL´s conferences. This was the final push she needed to make a decision to join SFL-LatinAmerica known as Eslibertad. During her time as a leader of Eslibertad, Antonella became the first Regional […]