Marie Hemelrijk

May 1, 2017

ESFL Blog Editor Bill Wirtz Talks French Elections on Glenn Beck Show

Our blog editor Bill Wirtz appeared on the Glenn Beck Radio Program last week, where he presented his views on the upcoming French elections. The conservative radio host asked Bill what he feels the rhythm of the street is on French presidential candidates Le Pen and Macron, and whether Le Pen has a chance of winning. “Recent polls give Macron a chance of winning by sixty percent of the vote, so quite frankly it’s quite unlikely that she will win,” said Bill. “Now, I got Brexit wrong as well, so I’m not really going to put my advice forward here. Anything can happen at this point. If there’s going to be a terrorist attack in Paris tomorrow, it could all change.” When asked about Nigel […]
April 9, 2017

March 2017 Update

SFL Europe: MARCH 2017 UPDATE LibertyCon, March 17-19 This month, European Students For Liberty’s big annual conference has taken place for the sixth time: LiberyCon. For the past 5 years, this major gathering of liberty-minded students and young professionals was titled the ‘European Students For Liberty Conference,’ but that name was changed to LibertyCon this year. Over 750 attendees participated in the conference, which was held at the Charles University in Prague from March 17th to 19th. The theme #LetShare focused on the sharing economy, modern technology and the future. Speakers included Jeffrey Tucker, Matt Kibbe, Henrik Jönsson, Jennifer Grossman, Tom Palmer, and many others. You can find two reports of the conference here and here. This years’ winners of the traditional ESFL Awards, which […]
March 4, 2017

Ukrainian SFL Chairwoman talks CPAC, Putin and Liberty at UATV

This February, a delegation of Ukrainian Students For Liberty, wearing shirts that said “Putin is a killer”, took to Washington DC to attend CPAC, the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, where they discussed global politics, Putin and liberty with other conference-goers in a bid to raise awareness among US students on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Ukrainian SFL Chairwoman Mariia Chaplia went on Ukrainian TV English to discuss her experiences in Washington. “I truly believe in the power of non-governmental diplomacy,” Mariia said, “And I think that if we want to establish better relations between Ukraine, the US and other countries, we have to communicate with our peers who have the same ideas.” Watch the whole video of Mariia’s TV performance above. You find some additional […]
February 3, 2017

Liberty Face Off: Should We Abolish The EU?

  In this first Liberty Face Off of February 2017, Tereza Sladkovská and Jernej Kosec will take on the European Union debate from a libertarian perspective. Is the EU a bureaucratic, freedom trampling moloch? Or do its institutions guarantee us piece and prosperity like Europe has never seen before? Should we abolish the EU?  Out with the EU, in with treaties By Tereza Sladkovská The answer to this question is complicated and it is impossible to keep it simple. Let’s try it this way: I would suggest to abolish the whole bureaucratic apparatus of the European Union, but to keep the voluntary cooperation of its members. I support the free market and free movement of European citizens across the continent. It is not on an irregular […]
January 13, 2017

Liberty Face Off REMATCH: Is Islam Inherently a Threat to Liberty?

In this first Liberty Face Off of 2017, our co-editor Bill Wirtz and contributor Daniil Gorbatenko continue their discussion on the topic of Islam and liberty in a special Liberty Face Off Rematch! Previously on the ESFL Blog, they debated the question whether Islam is inherently a threat to liberty. Today they respond to each others statements in that discussion. 
December 5, 2016

Liberty Face Off: Intellectual Property?

In this third edition of ESFL’s Liberty Face Off, Yernaz Ramautarsing and Louis Rouanet will delve into the long lasting libertarian debate on the issue of intellectual property rights. Is intellectual property a thing, and if so should libertarians defend it? Do you have an issue in mind that you would like to see debated among libertarians? Please [email protected] your suggestion might be discussed in the next Liberty Face Off.