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February 15, 2017

Social Media at ISFLC17

We are less than one week away from #ISFLC17 and we’re here to tell you everything you’ll need to know to keep up with the conference on social media! Tagboard is going to be your new best friend both during and leading up to the event. Every public post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #ISFLC17 will appear here. Start posting now to join in the fun! We’ll be posting conference updates on the Pathable web app. But you can also get updates from Students for Liberty directly through our official media platforms: Facebook Twitter Instagram We’ve also got a conference geo-filter on Snapchat! You can see it to the right and it will be active all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the […]
February 14, 2017

Statement on Support of Immigrant Students

Tell your school to support immigrant rights!                     Students For Liberty North America is proud to offer this statement of support for immigrant students across the United States and Canada. Please use this letter as a resource to encourage your college or university to adopt a few simple policies that will help protect the rights of your classmates whose immigration status is now at risk thanks to the restrictive policies of the Trump administration. Here’s how to use this document: Fill out the quick form below to download the document as a .pdf. Print off one or more copies or re-save as an editable document for dissemination to other student groups. Collect as many signatures as […]
February 8, 2017

Campus Coordinator Program

Students For Liberty’s Campus Coordinator Program The Students For Liberty Campus Coordinator Program is the premier program for actively advancing the ideas of free markets and individual liberty on college campuses. SFL Campus Coordinators (CCs) are the face of liberty on their college campuses. They are the muscle of the movement, empowering students in their areas to defend the ideas of liberty. This grassroots program seeks out strong student leaders to spread the ideas of a free society by starting new pro-liberty student groups, organizing events to promote the ideas of liberty, resourcing student groups and identifying and mentoring other pro-liberty students. The CC Program has gone on to inspire similar programs <a href=””>around the globe</a>, in places like Latin America, Europe, Africa, and South […]
February 7, 2017

Jeremiah Baky
United States

SFL SUCCESS STORY: Jeremiah Baky SFL North America SFL Leaders fundraise on campus to get others to ISFLC!   Jeremiah Baky and others from his SFL group at Troy University in Alabama went out on campus this week to raise money to help get their group members to ISFLC. The SFL group started selling Peruvian bracelets and raffle tickets for a firearm in hopes of raising enough funds to offset the costs of travel and lodging for ISFLC and making it more feasible for more of their members to attend such an unforgettable event. Jeremiah has been extremely helpful getting over 13 registrants for the Liberty Bus passing through Birmingham, Alabama. Due to Jeremiah’s efforts, other Campus Coordinators are looking to host similar events to […]
February 7, 2017

Keenan Wegener
United States

SFL SUCCESS STORY: Keenan Wegener SFL North America SFL Leaders Are Back On Campus & Ready To Advance Liberty Keenan Wegener, Campus Coordinator at Northern Virginia Community College has been actively identifying and recruiting new advocate of liberty this week on campus. Most students will be returning to campus this week as the spring semester begins. Campus Coordinators have been particularly eager to get back to campus to regroup and recruit more effectively for ISFLC!         View Other SFL Success Stories This piece solely expresses the opinion of the author and not necessarily the organization as a whole. Students For Liberty is committed to facilitating a broad dialogue for liberty, representing a variety of opinions. If you’re a student interested in presenting […]
February 7, 2017

Supporting Amir Nasr, Political Refugee

On the night of Friday, January 27, President Donald Trump used the power of the executive order to impose a travel ban on nationals from seven countries in the Middle East/North Africa region. This could very well be the closest the POTUS will get to fulfilling his campaign promises of ‘extreme vetting‘ and imposing a ‘Muslim ban.’ By Sunday, January 29, protests against the executive order were in full swing throughout the United States. I attended the one just outside the White House in Lafayette Square, and I was joined by many other SFLers in the area. By the time I’d waded through the massive and tightly-packed crowd, other SFLers had already set up a table, and were engaged in the anything-but-low-energy sign-waving and chanting. To […]
February 3, 2017

Celebrate Diversity at ISFLC17

The Constitution of the United States, the Beatles, and SFL’s Tenth Anniversary International Conference. These three things share one common factor: diversity of ideas. Some of the most innovative ideas of all time came by way of differences in opinion. Among the signers of the Constitution, there were men of varying and numerous political beliefs and differences. It is perhaps a breath of fresh air to the lungs of the liberty-minded that many of the founding fathers were ideologically opposed. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, for example, were on the exact opposite spectrums of the political scale. Paul and John, the two most famous members of the Beatles, had the greatest creative differences. When writing songs, the duo fought vigorously over almost everything. Although it […]
February 3, 2017

ISFLC 2017 Awards Finalists

The nomination period has now ended and we are one step closer to ISFLC17! There were so many great students, groups, and events this year which made the nomination process a competitive event. We are now pleased to highlight these finalists and the work they have brought not just to SFL, but to a freer world. *** STUDENT OF THE YEAR The finalists are. . . Manirakiza Aimable Manirakiza Aimable is the Country Director and founder of SFL Burundi. His efforts have led to ten SFL groups being set up at different universities throughout Burundi. While he has made SFL Burundi flourish, his efforts do not stop at the borders, as he has also set up SFL groups in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of […]
February 3, 2017

You can’t afford to miss these organizations at ISFLC’s Career Fair!

At each annual International Students For Liberty Conference, we like to bring something new and worthwhile for our attendees. This year, we are proud to be hosting our first annual ISFLC Career and Grad School Fair! Many of our attendees will be looking for internships, jobs, or pursuing the path of further education, so the Career and Grad School Fair is a natural fit at ISFLC. Here is a (growing) list of which organizations will be attending: Institute for Humane Studies Cato Praxis Foundation for Economic Education American Council of Trustees and Alumni Young Voices Charles Koch Institute Institute for Economic Affairs Human Rights Foundation Libertarian Institute Institute for Justice Young Americans for Liberty The Fund for American Studies Independent Institute Mercatus Center Leadership Institute As […]
February 2, 2017

ISFLC DEBATE: Should libertarians support a Universal Basic Income?

Adding to an already stacked line-up of speakers at Students For Liberty’s 10th anniversary conference, Bryan Caplan will debate Will Wilkinson on a vital question: “Should libertarians support a Universal Basic Income?” Bryan Caplan is a Professor of Economics at George Mason University as well as the author of The Myth of the Rational Voter, which was named “best political book of the year” in the New York Times. Will Wilkinson is the vice president of policy at the Niskanen Center, and former U.S. politics correspondent for The Economist. The idea of a UBI is not a clearly socialist scheme. Indeed, Finance Minister of India’s Jammu and Kashmir state Haseeb Drabu, operating under a mixed economy, suggested replacing existing social welfare with direct transfers of […]
February 12, 2017

How Is Your Money Being Spent? – GSFL: DEFEND YOUR WALLET

This report was written by Local Coordinator Liza Katsiashvili. Georgian Students For Liberty’s latest campaign Defend Your Wallet! is dedicated to raising awareness about taxation and government spending. Because of low economic development, the Georgian government should refrain from high taxation and interference with the market. Unfortunately, the budget for 2017 doesn’t show any signs of restraint. The Georgian Students for Liberty team decided to launch this campaign in order to inform people about expedient government spending. On February 3rd, a second panel discussion took place, titled “How is your money being spent?” with Zurab Tchiaberashvili (a politician), Irakli Kiknavelidze and Salome Ugulava (both journalists) as speakers. Mr. Zurab Tchiaberashvili discussed several important problems, which are and will continue to be a threat to the Georgian […]
February 7, 2017

Freedom of the press in Serbia: A state of emergency

This article was written by Ratko Nikolić, president of the Center for Anti-Authoritarian Studies in Serbia.It is widely accepted that the freedom of the press is one of the fundamental prerequisites of a free society. Due to its crucial role in preventing power abuse and corruption by keeping the general public informed about the wrongdoings of their elected officials, it is often regarded as the fourth pillar of democracy. Following this logic, it goes without saying that attacking the media for simply doing their job or preventing them from doing it in any other way, is an attack against the very foundation of democracy itself. And yet, this phenomenon seems to be increasingly widespread throughout the Western Balkans region and Serbia in particular. According to the 2016 […]
February 5, 2017

A Freer Sky for a Freer World

This article was written by ESFL Local Coordinator Jean-Baptiste Fink. If there is one hot topic in transport development policy in Europe, and particularly air transport development, it is what we call “traffic rights”. In the press, we are constantly able to read about complaints from different air transport actors: On the one hand there are the Gulf States, who pretend to not have enough traffic rights for Europe, and on the other hand European airline companies, who think the ones of the Gulf States have too much access. The long and complex allocation of traffic rights In order to get a full understanding of this topic, we first have to figure out how an airline can open a new route. If an air carrier from country […]
February 3, 2017

Liberty Face Off: Should We Abolish The EU?

  In this first Liberty Face Off of February 2017, Tereza Sladkovská and Jernej Kosec will take on the European Union debate from a libertarian perspective. Is the EU a bureaucratic, freedom trampling moloch? Or do its institutions guarantee us piece and prosperity like Europe has never seen before? Should we abolish the EU?  Out with the EU, in with treaties By Tereza Sladkovská The answer to this question is complicated and it is impossible to keep it simple. Let’s try it this way: I would suggest to abolish the whole bureaucratic apparatus of the European Union, but to keep the voluntary cooperation of its members. I support the free market and free movement of European citizens across the continent. It is not on an irregular […]