Roberta Dombrovskytė

May 16, 2017

Gay Cannibalism and Lesbian Propaganda in Lithuania

Be careful when you walk the streets of Lithuania. You might see things like lesbian extremist propaganda, gay cannibals or , even worse ,  a Nanny-State telling you who you should love or go to bed with. Of course, the first two examples are made-up, but the last one is real and if you haven’t been informed, here is a little lesson about love and liberty. Last week, a teenager from Lithuania shared a powerpoint presentation from religion lesson at a local school on her facebook profile. She expressed her concern about the way the teacher was speaking about homosexuality. The teacher argued that almost every person, that was convicted for homicide and cannibalism, was gay. She also spoke about Gay manifesto and showed a visualisation of […]
May 10, 2017

Lithuania’s Alcohol Regulation Won’t Combat Alcoholism

The paternalistic government in Lithuania is eager to fight  individual urges to drink, and is willing to get tougher on alcohol consumers.      Alcohol consumption regulations in Lithuania are already among the strictest in European Union. According to WHO (World’s Health Organisation) Global status report on alcohol and health 2014, less than a third of countries apply restrictions on trading alcohol during certain days of the week. Meanwhile, the majority of countries do not apply severe restrictions on alcohol trading. That is why it is impossible to justify Lithuania’s alcohol trading restrictions using the EU experience as an example. It is worth remembering that current alcohol trading restrictions were introduced in 2007 (altered in 2009), but their effectiveness has not been proven yet. According to […]