Robyn Harberger

May 3, 2017

Charter Teams Training

April 30, 2017

Local Coordinator Program, SFL South Asia

about Applications are open for 2017-18! Click here to apply! What is the Local Coordinator Program? Students For Liberty is the world’s largest network of pro-liberty students. Our focus in South Asia is to help students become informed and critical thinkers about ideas pertaining to the political economy of their nation. An uninformed and passive exercise of thought leads to bad judgment, and bad judgment leads to support for bad policies. Students For Liberty believes that in the marketplace of ideas, the good ones root out the bad ones. But the ideas of freedom – individual rights, toleration, rule of law – that have been the foundation of successful nations are poorly represented in mainstream dialogue. That is why a lot of young people do […]
March 26, 2017

Exploring Red Plenty
Virtual Reading Group

  EXPLORING RED PLENTY a SFL Virtual Reading Group   One third history, one third economics, and one third fiction, Red Plenty is the best book you can read to get inside the minds of those who dreamed that a planned economy could beat capitalism and provide abundance for everyone. If you’ve read, or if you have just wondered about, Mises on Socialism and Hayek on Socialist Calculation, and you have pondered how anyone could possibly have fallen for anything as fallible as a planned economy, this is the book that will help you see why the dream seemed so appealing, and why it fell apart so fast. Application Deadline March 1st, 2017 Discussion Leader Sarah Skwire, Liberty Fund Senior Fellow Meeting Dates Wednesdays at 4:00pm […]
March 12, 2017

Campus Coordinator Program

February 26, 2017

Nanny State Activism Campaign

NANNY STATE ACTIVISM CAMPAIGN SFL North America   Across the world, the impact of our activism was felt over the past year. Health bureaucrats are shaking in their boots while young people embrace the freedom to choose. Here are some highlights of our global consumer choice campaign:   Visit our Nanny State page for more information! This piece solely expresses the opinion of the author and not necessarily the organization as a whole. Students For Liberty is committed to facilitating a broad dialogue for liberty, representing a variety of opinions. If you’re a student interested in presenting your perspective on this blog, visit our guest submissions page. 
January 31, 2017

The Gold Standard

about We are delighted to share with you our new magazine, The Gold Standard. To be available in hard-copy at O-Week across Australian and New Zealand universities, it is a collection of works from Australian and Kiwi students, academics and activists about liberty, covering diverse disciplines, viewpoints and perspectives. Our first edition features a range of students and distinguished figures in the liberty movement, such as economist Dr. Mikayla Novak, entrepreneur and writer Peter Fenwick, and philosopher Dr. Jamie Whyte. Articles include: Privatising Marriage – Andie Moore The Time for VSU is Now – Will Joseph Open Borders: Economically Beneficial, Morally Virtuous – Dr. Mikayla Novak Pokemon Go: A Win for Free Markets – Adrian Morris Lose the Lord’s Prayer – Chris Ashton How to […]
January 31, 2017

Local Coordinator Program, SFL Africa

The African Students For Liberty (ASFL) Local Coordinators Program is the premier program for actively advancing the ideas of free markets and individual liberty on college & campuses. ASFL Local Coordinators (LCs) are the face of liberty in their campuses. They are the muscle of the movement, empowering students in their areas to defend the ideas of liberty. This local program seeks to identify strong student leaders to spread the ideas of individual liberty, self-reliance and economic freedom by starting new student groups, organizing events to promote these ideas, resourcing student groups and identifying and mentoring other vibrant students. The ASFL Local Coordinator Program seeks to build the student movement for liberty in Africa by identifying, training, and supporting the strongest student leaders of liberty […]
January 30, 2017

Local Coordinator Program, SFL Australia/NZ

The Students For Liberty Local Coordinator Program is the premier program for actively advancing the ideas of free markets and individual liberty on college campuses. SFL Local Coordinators (LCs) are on the front lines in the battle for liberty. They are the muscle of the movement, empowering students in their areas to defend the ideas of liberty. This highly competitive program seeks out strong student leaders and community organizers to spread the ideas of a free society from the grassroots level by starting new pro-liberty student groups, organizing events to promote the ideas of liberty, resourcing student groups and identifying and mentoring other pro-liberty students.   As on-the-ground SFL representatives, LCs are given great flexibility in fulfilling their duties. They do not receive strong top-down orders, but […]
January 29, 2017

LibertyCon 2017

LibertyCon, formerly known as European Students for Liberty Conference is an international conference. The biggest event of its kind in Europe. It’s the perfect place to meet pro-liberty students and young professionals from all over the world.   OUR 2017 THEME: #LetShare Sharing Economy, Technology and the Future The recent rise of sharing economy and modern technology has been astonishing. We can now see new innovations, projects and start-ups appearing almost every day. How will this trend affect our future? That is the question for more than 40 renowned economists, entrepreneurs, scientists, journalists, experts in cryptocurrencies, transhumanism and more. They are coming to Prague to share their knowledge, experience and vision. We invite you to be the part of it!
January 26, 2017

Nanny State Africa

January 26, 2017

Islamic Foundations
Virtual Reading Group

  ISLAMIC FOUNDATIONS OF A FREE SOCIETY a SFL Virtual Reading Group   Throughout the history of Islamic societies the Sharia has formed the main framework of socio-economic and even the political life of the Islamic peoples. During the golden age of Islam (800–1200 AD) the Sharia always seemed compatible with a free society, and this was the experience of Muslim communities. The legal and juridical principles of Islamic law recognized individual freedom and rights (along with the responsibilities of individuals) in a society that provided an appropriate context for an independent judiciary and the defense of individual rights through the courts. The book contains many chapters, which were developed from presentations made at the annual conferences held by the Istanbul Network for Liberty, whose […]
January 26, 2017

Deschooling Society
Virtual Reading Group

DESCHOOLING SOCIETY a SFL Virtual Reading Group   Can more funding, better teacher pay, or higher standards fix public education’s problems? Or is the best solution to “deschool” society? Published in 1971 but still relevant today, Ivan Illich’s book Deschooling Society argues that the best way to ensure that people are truly educated is to create a complete separation of school and state. In this seminal book, he argues that state education is inherently disabling to those involved in it and paints a vision for what education might look like without state involvement. Join Dr. Kevin Currie-Knight (College of Education, East Carolina University) to read and discuss this intriguing book. You may not look at public education the same way again. Application deadline: February 1st, […]