Stephen Oyedemi

June 13, 2017

Peace in The Gambia Needs More than Booths

By Mustapha Kah & Alieu Bangura 13 June 2017 The recent expansion of the mandate of the Economic Community of West African States Military Intervention better known as ECOMIG comes at a controversial and sensitive moment in The Gambia. The expansion was announced a day following clashes between the international forces and the supporters of ousted former President Jammeh in his home village, Kanilai. The message from this mandate expansion is clear- The Gambia’s security situation is still delicate and needs international support to sustain. Kanilai is located in the perimeter between The Gambia and Southern Senegal, where separatists have been belligerent against the Senegalese Government for many decades. The ECOMIG troops were sent to The Gambia following December 1st 2016 elections in which Jammeh […]
June 12, 2017

The Need for Digital and Internet Freedom in Africa

By Nathaniel Luz 12 June 2017 We’ve been witnesses to frequent government shutdown of the internet in several parts of Africa in recent years. Earlier this year, it was Cameroon, and just recently, Ethiopia. It is however necessary to remind one another as well as relevant authorities that Internet Freedom is a fundamental human right, and should not be hindered or denied for any reason whatsoever. One major benefit of the internet is decentralization. The social media has decentralized communication and made communicating across the globe much easier, cheaper and quality. The internet has increased opportu­nities to create, obtain and share knowledge globally at such an amazing speed, propelling innovation and development and helping many young entrepreneurs to market and trade across conventional barriers. Several […]
June 12, 2017

Can Ethiopia’s Planned Economy Stand the Test of Time?

By Ibrahim B. Anoba 12 June 2017 Earlier this month, the World Bank reported that Ethiopia would be the most expansive economy in Africa for the year 2017.  This forecast is because of its steady economic growth average of 10.8 percent since 2005 – one of the highest in the world. But despite its commendable progress, a high tax rate and continued state monopoly in key sectors might compromise its ability to sustain the economic momentum. Among emerging African economies, Ethiopia is prominent for its state dominated system. A 2016 Heritage Foundation report ranks it among the mostly unfree economies on the continent (142nd in the world), only surpassing the likes of Chad, Eritrea and Sierra Leone. This is relatively due to the numerous legislations […]
June 10, 2017

Africa: May 2017 Update

SFL Africa MAY 2017 UPDATE Liberty & Entrepreneurship Seminar attracts over 600 in College ASFL-Nigeria in collaboration with the Student Union Government of the Oyo State College Of Agriculture and Technology organized a Liberty and Entrepreneurship Seminar on the 5th of May. The seminar was to enlighten students of the institution about the importance and benefits of a free society, and how government policies affects entrepreneurial and business activities. The event had over 600 participants and there was also music and stage performances by students of the institution.   Campus Caravan of Liberty goes to Egerton University The ASFL-Kenya Campus Caravan on Issue Based Political Dialogue hosted a forum at the Main Campus of Egerton University on the 6th of May. This is the 7th […]
June 6, 2017

Freedom of Speech Under Attack in the University of Ibadan

By Leonard O’weide 6 June 2017 It is rather unfortunate that the University of Ibadan, adjudged as the “first and best” in Nigeria doesn’t give room for freedom of speech in its academic environment. According to reports gathered from the University, it has been observed that the Vice Chancellor is intolerant of opposing or divergent views and finds a way to punish students who speak against him, either by rustication or expulsion. There is a case of a Kingsley Chimenerem, a 100 level student in the faculty of science who wrote his opinion about the Vice Chancellor and the school administration on Facebook and was expelled from the institution despite plea from several individuals. This is an authoritarian crack down on freedom of speech which shouldn’t […]
May 22, 2017

Ibrahim Anoba: A Libertarian Thought on Individualism and African Morality

By Ibrahim Anoba 22 May 2017 The individual in African philosophy mostly existed as a reflection of his community. He was seen as a product of his tribe less than he was an independent being. His birth and death were to satisfy the wishes of the gods on earth. Like many tribes in Africa, several cultures according to history put the individual as a unique creation with the purpose of happiness and self-realization. In traditional Africa, it was best that the individual remained a social being. This view of man as a societal element primarily applied to his identification as a member of a united community in pursuant of collective prosperity with regards for his individual happiness. However, the expansion of groups during territorial wars […]
May 8, 2017


ASFL – Kenya Campus Caravan of Liberty visits 3 more universities The Campus Caravan on issue based political dialogue in Kenya visited 3 more universities in April. Forums wereheld at Mount Kenya University, Main Campus (on 8th April), Scott University, Machakos (on 22nd April) and University of Nairobi, MSA Campus (on 29th April). The caravan endeavors to contribute to the creation of a society based on issues and not tribal politics as is the current situation in Kenya.   University of Ghana Liberty Forum The campus liberty train project, with support from Atlas Network organized a liberty forum at the University of Ghana on the 9th of April with 32 participants. This is the second university that will be visited under this project. The aim […]
April 12, 2017

March 2017 Update

SFL Africa MARCH 2017 UPDATE First Set of Ugandan Local Coordinators Emerge, Organize Events In the month of March, ASFL welcomed its first set of Local Coordinators from Uganda. The youngsters swung to work with a tabling event at the University of Kisubi on March 17th, an Entrepreneurship Symposium on the 28th of March at Kyambogo University featuring Dr. Pythagoras Petratos as guest speaker. Also, they organized a National Entrepreneurship Conference on the 31st of March at Nkumba University with the team “Unlocking the barriers of economic prosperity for a free society” ASFL East African Regional Director on Radio The Regional Director of SFL for East Africa, Aimable Manirakiza was recently on Radio 10, Kigali, Rwanda to discuss the ASFL “Foundations of a Free Society” […]
March 15, 2017

Why African Countries Won’t Remain Poor

In a recent release by the Global Finance magazine, the poorest countries in the world in 2016 are predominantly African. ‘The World’s Richest and Poorest Countries’ ranked countries using GDP per capita adjusted for relative purchasing power. Unfortunately, this situation has been the trend for a long time and it appear as though there aren’t solutions. The paradox is that while Africa remains a continent with rich potentials, it is equally very poor. That the continent is rich in natural and human resources is no new story, from Uranium-rich Niger Republic and Copper-rich Zambia to the Oil and Gas rich Nigeria and Angola, resources and potentials are abundant, but the reality in terms of economic development is not commensurate with the resources. The terrible economic […]
March 10, 2017

Protests and Failure of Governments in Africa

This article is written by Hendrix NKAMICANIYE Hendrix, ASFL Local Coordinator in Burundi. In recent years, the African continent has recorded a number of large-scale protests, but unlike the surge of protests in the 1980’s and 1990’s which were largely pro-democracy movements against autocratic governments, the recent uprisings are largely an overt demand for public scrutiny and accountability in the internal affairs of the countries. The notion that democracy is the best form of government got assimilated quite fairly in Africa in the 1990s since it protects the human rights of citizens and stands for the will of the people. But today, many countries remain undemocratic and authoritarian.   African citizens of the time believed democracy would help them get rid of corrupt leaders and guarantee individual […]
March 8, 2017

Volunteer To Organize A Liberty Forum In Your School

Last month, ASFL Nigeria started a new initiative, the #CampusLibertyTrain with a forum at the Oduduwa University, Osun State, Nigeria. Through this initiative, we intend to organize Liberty Forums in a number of higher institutions in Nigeria, particularly in those with no pro-liberty groups. A Liberty Forum in this context is a gathering where students get to acquire basic understanding of liberty, become familiar with the ideas that lead to overall human flourishing and development and get empowered to be agents of change on their campuses and in the society at large. Participants of these forums will listen to speakers on topics covering liberty and African issues, engage in interactive sessions, debates and see documentaries. Opportunities available in the student liberty movement will also be […]
December 7, 2016

ASFL Write For Liberty Workshop at University of Ibadan

      Report by Gabriel Ogunjobi, 400L Student of Obafemi Awolowo University On the 25th and 26th of November, 2016, African StudentsFor Liberty (ASFL) organized a 2-day Write For Liberty Workshop which took place at the U.I Cooperative Building, University of Ibadan. The aim of the workshop was to educate, develop, empower and motivate pro-liberty students to write in defense of liberty in and outside their schools and local communities. 34 students from the University of Ibadan, Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Ilorin, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Delta State University, and Ladoke Akintola Univeristy of Technology were engaged through series of lectures by various speakers at the maiden writing workshop. Olumayowa Okediran, SFL African Programs Manager who spoke […]