July 17, 2017

Indonesia: Asia Pacific SFL Conference – August 18-20

July 17, 2017

“A Freer & Saner Society” Why You Should Check Out Liberty in Africa

Continuing our drive to ensure that students participate in the Liberty in Africa course, here’s a look at what  those who have already taken the course and evaluated themselves, had to say about  their experience. Here is what Aderemi has to say about Liberty in Africa:   “The African Liberty course is an opener at understanding some basic tenets of a free and just society in Africa. The course afforded me the opportunity to understand African culture and the role colonialism played on African society and development. The lecture on cronyism aided an insightful analysis on how government and their loyalists underpin the actual doctrine of liberty by engaging in a loyalty-reward economic theory which many misconstrue as a capitalist setting. It is more revealing […]
July 16, 2017

Puerto Rico: Liberty International World Conference (LAST CHANCE) – August 8-12

Need a little more liberty in your summer? There’s just a little time left to register for the Liberty International World Conference, taking place in Puerto Rico from August 8th-12th! The 34th World Conference of Liberty International, brings together an impressive roster of libertarian intellectuals from around the world. Students can take advantage of reduced prices — just $75 for all three days — and the conference organizers have made is easy to combine your conference experience with a vacation getaway in beautiful Puerto Rico! Check out the conference site for more information: Our World Conference will give you the opportunity to meet fellow liberty-lovers from around the world, make new friends, enjoy intellectual stimulation from many of the world’s top international speakers, and do it […]
June 9, 2017

Announcing the Speak Freely Launch Essay Competition

It is with great excitement that we are announcing the launch of this blog! is an official brand of European Students for Liberty, which will feature news commentary, policy analysis and blogposts on economics or philosophy. We are dedicated to the promotion of our young writers you want to advance the concepts of liberty by making them mainstream. If you are a pro-liberty writer and want to contribute to this blog, or if you are an aspiring writer who doesn’t quite know how to go about the business of creating an article, we are here for you! You can send your submissions and ideas to [email protected] Our editing team will then assist you and help you become a class A writer for liberty! In […]