May 30, 2017

James Bond vs. Marvel&DC: Possible significations of pop-culture

Pop culture is commonly represented as devoid of genuine philosophical or political commitment. Its commercial aspect is often emphasized: material which is accessible to a large audience and which does not require deep reflection. On the contrary, I think that by stereotyping its characters, it often reflects political representations or thoughts. What amazes me is the great variety of messages which are conveyed. I want to highlight in this short article two different political school which presently exist in the pop culture, through two genres: that of the novels of Ian Fleming (the famous James Bond) and the comics of Marvel and DC. In Fleming’s novels, justice is safeguarded by the main hero, who is a faithful servant of the state and the queen. He […]
May 30, 2017

When Expatriation Is the Only Option

Usually, individuals look for ways to be freer. Among individuals already aware of the mounting problems of ever-repressive tax, police, and social policies of Western governments, the focus is on practical fixes more than philosophical questions. Though many may turn to political campaigns and actively seeking to change the system, an increasing number are choosing to put their money where their mouth is and just exit. Leave. Expatriate. Some may choose expatriation because of temporary work, retirement, or better tax regimes, but it offers specific refuge for those who can no longer take the status quo of their native lands. As the cost of travel plummets and technology offers countless new ways to connect and work on-the-go, fleeing one’s native country once it has become […]