July 13, 2017

Is Global Freedom of Expression Dangerous?

The Internet helped bring to light all the nasty, disagreeable, twisted, and downright insane ways of thinking humans are capable of. Every nation’s legal system has its own toleration levels, of course, and the debate may never end on just how much should be allowed. The conversation changes when you bring in the matter of national security, though. Offending people is one thing. Helping to bring down your country is another. The way we think about freedom of speech and expression in the age of globalization is indeed a matter of national security because terrorists, just like everyone else, have long been leveraging the Internet for their purposes. Regions all across the globe are grappling with the dilemma of adhering to the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human […]
June 23, 2017

Libertarianism And Consequences: A Potential Empirical Boost

One of the biggest debates among libertarians revolves around the justification of our ethical views. The two most important strands in it are deontological libertarianism and consequentialism, respectively. The adherents of the former view believe that the primacy of individual liberty is best justified with reference to the good consequences the institutions based on libertarian principles tend to create — sometimes with the implication that the jury really is out to which extent libertarianism is actually sound. On the other hand, deontologists claim that, regardless of the consequences, social institutions must be based on the respect for persons and their property, and if this arrangement fails to conform to some consequentialist ideal, so be it. I belong to the minority of libertarians who believe that both of […]