SFL Africa Success Story

June 27, 2017

Teklemariam Bekit

 SFL SUCCESS STORY: Teklemariam Bekit  SFL Africa A successful effort in getting SFL on the map in Eritrea Teklemariam Bekit is a Member of the African Executive Board at Students for Liberty. He is the founder of Eritrean Students for Liberty which he formed in 2015 to reach out to the Eritrean and Ethiopian Refugees and Immigrants living in Kenya. On June 24, 2017 Bekit hosted a full day seminar on Liberty & Free Society from the Eritrean Perspective. The Seminar was hosted at the Tangaza University, Nairobi Kenya and attracted 42 participants from the Eritrean, Kenyan and the South Sudanese communities. Presentations were made on Freedom and the Role of Government, The Institution of a Free Society and Toleration by various speakers among them Teklemariam […]
May 9, 2017

Victoria Ibiwoye

 SFL SUCCESS STORY: Victoria Ibiwoye SFL Africa Educating and empowering young leaders in Africa Victoria Ibiwoye is a former ASFL Local Coordinator from Nigeria. She is the founder of One African Child, a non-profit initiative founded primarily to aide children on the African soil to realise their true identity and their place in society. The organization’s mission is to educate and empower young African Leaders. The organization executes community projects that seek to educate and transform the lives of children. Victoria recently represented One African Child at the UNESCO NGO Forum 2017 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia which was a summit on education. View Other SFL Success Stories If you want to support students like Victoria, please invest in liberty today. It is tax-deductible and will change […]
April 3, 2017

Linda Kavuka

 SFL SUCCESS STORY: Linda Kavuka SFL Africa Working to bring about a freer and more inclusive Kenya Linda Kavuka is a member of the African Executive Board and the Communications Intern in charge of External Communications for African Students For Liberty (ASFL). On behalf of ASFL, Linda has partnered with Liberal Alliance Denmark, Kenya Association of Manufacturers and Eastern Africa Policy Center in the project “Fostering Issue Based Political Dialogue in Kenya”. The objective of the project is to create a platform where the business community works together with political parties in creating and implementing policies and also to build the capacity of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and political parties to work together to improve the political environment so that it may be more inclusive for […]
April 3, 2017

ASFL Rwanda

 SFL SUCCESS STORY: ASFL Rwanda SFL Africa Empowering the Cheetah Generation in ASFL Rwanda Aimable Manirakiza, the National Coordinator of African Students For Liberty (ASFL) in francophone East Africa, and the Regional Director of events in Eastern Africa, hosted the first ever SFL event in Rwanda. Together with his team of leaders in the country, they hosted an event based on the collection of texts included in the Ideas of a Free Society CD provided by the Network of a Free Society. Rwanda is ranked among the most developed countries in Africa, but after having interacted with students during the event, it was evident the participants lack freedom of choice in their lives. Numerous people are frustrated by the system due to the numerous and rigid laws, […]
March 14, 2017

John Mugabi

 SFL SUCCESS STORY: John Mugabi SFL Africa Furthering individual liberty in Uganda John Mugabi through his personal efforts, has created a community of passionate leaders for liberty in Uganda. He is now the main point of contact for the organization in the country, and has hosted several events this far where he introduced the Ideas and encouraged the students to join SFL. Through his leadership, over 10 campus groups have been created in several universities in Uganda. John recently hosted a liberty convention at the Kyambogo University, Uganda where students came together to discuss the ideas of liberty, entrepreneurship, the rule of law, and big versus small government among other interesting topics. John wished to highlight to the audience that it is important to live, but […]
March 9, 2017

Aimable Manirakiza

SFL SUCCESS STORY: Aimable Manirakiza SFL Africa Spreading the message of liberty in east Africa Aimable Manirakiza joined ASFL in 2015 after attending the Eastern African Regional Conference in Nairobi, Kenya in May the same year. He completed the Local Coordinator training class for the year and joined the leaders of liberty in Africa. Aimable has since been very active, recruiting top students from Burundi and creating a strong leadership committee which together has hosted some of the best events in Africa. Due to his efforts he is now a member of the African Executive Board and the Regional Director for East Africa. Aimable has reached out to students in Rwanda and Congo with the message of liberty using his project, The Principles and Foundations of a […]
March 6, 2017

Martin van Staden
South Africa

SFL SUCCESS STORY: Martin van Staden SFL Africa Working towards a freer South Africa   Martin is a member of the African Executive Board, from the South African Region. He just completed his Bachelor of Law from the University of Pretoria, South Africa and is currently working at the Free Market Foundation South Africa. He has previously been writing articles that have been published on the organizations website. Martin recently produced a well-written paper on the Hate Speech Bill which was a contentious issue for debate in South Africa. The paper was submitted to the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development on Preventing and Combating of Hate Crimes and the Hate Speech Bill. The proposed Bill intends to regulate these expressions, in line with the International Convention […]
January 26, 2017

Stephen Oyedemi

SFL SUCCUSS STORY: Stephen Oyedemi SFL Africa Write For Liberty Workshop On the 25th and 26th of November, 2016, African Students for Liberty (ASFL) organized a 2-day Write For Liberty Workshop which took place at the U.I Cooperative Building, University of Ibadan Nigeria. The aim of the workshop was to educate, develop, empower and motivate pro-liberty students to write in defense of liberty in and outside their schools and local communities. 34 students from the University of Ibadan, Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Ilorin, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Delta State University, and Ladoke Akintola Univeristy of Technology were engaged through series of lectures by various speakers at the maiden writing workshop. Speakers at the event included African Programs Director Olumayowa […]