July 10, 2017

Learn About Economic Growth in Africa

“The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer,” this phrase is very common and many people accept it as fact without checking out its validity. This logic imagines that the wealth of a nation is like a pie and that if someone has a larger slice, it is at the detriment of another. Fortunately, wealth and wealth creation don’t actually follow this flawed logic. SFL has teamed up with Temba Nolutshungu, a director at the Free Market Foundation, to combat this misconception in the  Liberty in Africa course on SFLAcademy. The course looks at the difference between creating jobs and creating wealth, what causes economic booms, how the state can ensure economic freedom and wealth creation, and how inequality can be reduced […]
March 20, 2017

The Importance of Libertarian Science Fiction

                                                                    Written by Nicholas Woode-Smith, ASFL Regional Director, Southern Africa. Theory inspires action, action leads to change. It is taken for granted by many that philosophy and political theory is integral to any movement. Movements, to inspire change, need an ideology to determine what form that change should take. Libertarianism is no different. We have a broad range of academic theorists who have written and lectured on an expansive array of Libertarian theory and principles. These principles allow us not only to shape what change we want to see in the world, […]
March 15, 2017

Hong Kong: Yeonmi Park – April 6

March 8, 2017

Strike Teams

February 21, 2017

Best of WARC

The SFL West African Regional Conference at the University of Ibadan July 26-27 has been making headlines and changing the world. Check out the full conference album on our Facebook page! All of us in the global SFL network congratulate our friends and colleagues in Nigeria. Here’s to a free academy and free society.                                          
February 21, 2017

Taking Education into Our Own Hands

The following article was contributed by Ajibola Adigun, charter team member in Nigeria. I owe the title of this piece to Ankur Chawlar’s blog published on the Students For Liberty website. While he was writing a reaction to an opinion in an American publication, he could not have said it better if he were a Nigerian student addressing his contemporaries sitting at home due to the 6-week old strike action of the Academic Staff Union of Universities. The summary of the matter, students should take their education into their hands. The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), as the union of university lecturers in Nigeria is called, is currently on strike to force the government to implement the agreement it reached with the union in […]
February 21, 2017

In Pursuit of Liberty

The following article was contributed by Chukwuemeka Ezeugo, charter team member in Nigeria. The first trip I made to Kenya in 2010 was for a conference where youths ignorantly put their lives in the hands of world governments who cared little or not at all for their well-being. This was during a Model United Nations Conference at a private university located at Thika Road in Nairobi, Kenya. One could literally feel the anger and vigour with which students, mostly drawn from Africa and Europe, put in their all to demand nothing but the best from world leaders. I was appointed the Vice-President of the General Assembly but also doubled as the Chair of the 2nd Committee which deliberated on economic and other related matters. The […]
February 21, 2017

The Liberty to Pull it Off

The following blog post was contributed by Isack Danford, Charter Teams Member from Tanzania During my freshman year of college in 2010, I saw a poster from African Liberty.org calling for an essay writing competition on several topics from selected essays on political economy by Frederic Bastiat. That poster caught my eye, and I wrote a three page essay on the topic ‘What is Seen, and What is Not Seen: Three actions by Tanzanian government and the hidden costs behind such actions’. That essay won me a scholarship to attend the 2010 Students and Young Professionals Liberty Academy (SYPALA) summer school, which inspired me and a few colleagues to start up a student movement for liberty known as the African Liberty Students Organization University of […]
January 20, 2017

Randal Meyer: From Young Voices to Rand Paul

Randal Meyer currently serves as legislative counsel for Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) in the United States Senate. Previously, he worked for the Cato Institute’s Center for Constitutional Studies as a legal associate, a researcher at Brooklyn Law School, and the chief legal researcher on Fox News for Judge Andrew Napolitano. Yet, less than two years ago, Randal Meyer got his start writing for Young Voices when it was a Students For Liberty program. Young Voices allowed Meyer the freedom to write about his passions under the guidance of a professional and accredited team. From his very first piece with Young Voices, it was evident Meyer took a pragmatic and reasonable approach to achieving his goals. “Licensing Requirement Reform: Something We Can All Agree On” detailed his […]
January 17, 2017

Students For Liberty condemns misguided shutdown of Backpage.com “Adult” section

The world’s largest libertarian student organization — with over 1,500 volunteers across the globe, Students For Liberty (SFL) today condemned the U.S. government’s successful attempts to pressure online classified ad platform Backpage.com into closing their “Adult” section. The closure is the culmination of years of government pressure, with authorities justifying their actions on the basis that Backpage.com could create a market for child sex-trafficking. As Reason.com’s Elizabeth Nolan Brown put it, “Backpage CEO Carl Ferrer and his associates have been subject to lawsuits, criminal charges, economic bullying, and Congressional hearings…in an attempt to thwart this supposed sex trade.” Daniel Pryor, Media Relations Associate at Students For Liberty, said: “The congressional inquiry into Backpage.com is the perfect example of how overbearing government tramples on First Amendment […]
January 13, 2017

ASFL – Uganda Leadership Forum

                                                                                      Report by John Mugabi, ASFL Uganda On December 17th, 2016, Students For Liberty leaders and members converged at Nkumba University TS Hall for the first African Students For liberty’s Liberty and Leadership forum, in Uganda. This event which brought all groups in 13 universities together for leadership training  about Students For Liberty, drew altogether 68 participants representing African Students For Liberty groups in their respective universities. I opened up the forum with the welcoming remarks and the genesis of SFL  – Uganda. […]
January 9, 2017

Payment of N5,000 Stipend By Nigerian Govt. Is Creating Another Welfare State

                                                                   Written by ASFL Executive Board Chair, Oluwafemi Ogunjobi. Almost two years after it came on board, the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration has commenced payment of N5,000 monthly stipends it promised to poor Nigerians and the unemployed. The development was substantially embedded in the campaign promises of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC during the 2015 presidential election. The Programme is also a part of the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) of its Social Investment Programmes, SIP for which N500 billion was appropriated in the 2016 national budget. The CCT also targets one million […]