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June 28, 2017

Sessions’ crusade against marijuana hurts the most vulnerable

Originally published in Rare by Garett Roush on June 27, 2017 If Attorney General Jeff Sessions had his way, I would once again be at risk of constant seizures. The former U.S. Senator from Alabama and now the nation’s top cop has started a crusade against states that have allowed access to cannabis for both medicinal and recreational use. As an epileptic, medicinal marijuana has allowed me to stave off seizures after more than 10 months. No longer do I fear an episode and the pain that comes with it. Mr. Sessions must not ignore the medicinal benefits of marijuana in the free market. After being force-fed “FDA Approved” benzodiazepines and a consistent rotation of side-effect ridden epilepsy medications, it took only cannabis to stop […]
June 28, 2017

LibertyCon 2018

June 16, 2017

Africa Needs You! Become an Advocate for Liberty

Do you believe in a freer future for Africa? Are you passionate about liberty and want to learn about free markets and the ideas of a free society? If you answered yes to all the questions above, this is for you! It is without doubt that, in Africa, the concept of liberty has a long way to go. Students For Liberty, in line with our mission to develop and empower the next generation of leaders of liberty, has been working on several projects to educate and intellectually empower future leaders of liberty in Africa, and across the world on issues pertaining to individual rights, free speech, entrepreneurship, as well as policy-making ‒ to mention just a few. The SFL Academy project brings these resources together […]
June 14, 2017

LibertyCon Brasil 2017: o maior evento liberal do ano

LibertyCon Brasil 2017: o maior evento liberal do ano Ivanildo Santos Terceiro | 14 de Junho, 2017 Você já olhou a sua cidade do topo do seu prédio mais alto? Ou da janela de um avião?! O autor liberal clássico Jeffrey Tucker uma vez resolveu olhar para São Paulo. Procurou a melhor vista panorâmica da cidade, subiu todos os andares, necessários e ficou estupefato: viu prédios, pessoas, carros, ambulantes, empreendedores, crianças, tudo simplesmente funcionando em um balé invisível. A maior cidade de um país de dimensões continentais funcionava sozinha. Toda aquela vastidão não era controlada ou planejada por uma única pessoa, em vez de um planejador único, um sistema complexo e gigantesco fez 20 milhões de pessoas se coordenarem e viverem suas vidas em paz. Em São […]
June 13, 2017

SFL Around the World: May 2017

Here’s what SFL-ers around the world accomplished this May: Charter Teams After two bustling months, a deceptive state of calm lies over the Charter Teams Region. But underneath the surface, our leaders are busy preparing a number of major events that will sway Southeast Asia this summer. Three conferences lie ahead of us – two of them, in Korea and the Philippines – will take place in late July. The third, the long-awaited Asia-Pacific Conference is set for mid-August. The organizers are aiming for this to be the biggest libertarian gathering that the region has ever seen. In the meantime, we have also open applications to our brand-new Charter Teams Training, which works on a rolling basis – you can apply anytime! Check out our […]
June 11, 2017

Pequeno Guia para Max Weber

Pequeno Guia para Max Weber Caio Vioto | 26 de Agosto, 2016 Quem é Max Weber?  Max Weber (1864-1920) foi um sociólogo alemão, um dos fundadores da sociologia moderna, mas que também influenciou disciplinas como a ciência política, a economia, o direito, a história e os estudos das religiões. Sua obra é vasta, amplamente conhecida e estudada em diversas áreas do conhecimento, tornando-o um dos mais importantes autores de todos os tempos. Por que Max Weber é importante Em primeiro lugar, devemos destacar que Weber não é um autor que pode ser classificado como estritamente “liberal”. No entanto, o estudo de sua obra é fundamental para os interessados no pensamento liberal, uma vez que trata de temas como a formação do capitalismo, suas características específicas em […]
June 10, 2017

Join the 2017-2018 Blog Team!

Are you a strong writer who wants to reach a wide audience and make your voice heard? Then apply today and be a part of our 2017-2018 Blog Team! As a member of the Blog Team, you will be responsible for writing two posts a month. These posts can be on a wide array of topics from current events, to the philosophy of liberty, or issues you’re facing spreading liberty on campus! We even accept scathing satire and BuzzFeed-style listicles! No matter what you want to share, being a part of the SFL Blog Team is a great way to ensure your voice is heard. In just this past month, SFL blog posts have been read by over 12,000 – and this is the off-season! […]
June 9, 2017

May 2017 Update

  European Students For Liberty MAY 2017 UPDATE RC Season Announced Bringing together thousands of students from all over the world, featuring dozens of international speakers and offering an absolutely unique experience, European Students For Liberty Regional Conference Season belongs among the highlights of the year for liberty-minded people in Europe. This year, our leaders are bringing this opportunity to 18 European cities from Reykjavík to Tel Aviv! See all the dates and locations here. ESFL Conference in Batumi Our largest event in May was a massive success. With over 150 attendees, Batumi Conference was the 4th ESFL Conference in Georgia. First 3 took place in Tbilisi and were marked as the largest student gatherings in the region. Discussed topics included current issues, such as the role of the government […]
June 8, 2017

How Political Competition Made Europe Rich

In the quest to explain economic development, institutional competition has been almost systematically ignored by many economists and historians alike who have fallen under the spell of the interpretation of nineteenth-century German historicists. The members of the German historical school, and especially Schmoller and Bücher, saw the state as the institution that was responsible for the creation of both the market and modern capitalism. Modern institutionalists, although they differ from historicists in many ways, have accepted this narrative, arguing that political centralization is a prerequisite to economic development. One book showing this tendency to accept the historicist narrative can be found, for instance, in Acemoglu and Robinson’s Why Nations Fail (2012). Distinguishing between extractive and inclusive institutions, Acemoglu argues that centralization is a necessary step […]
June 7, 2017

North America:
May 2017 Update

SFL North America MAY 2017 UPDATE Consumer Choice Center launches in Canada The Consumer Choice Center is a new initiative designed to empower consumers all around the world. In May, they made their Canadian debut. Among the speakers at this event discussing how to engage civil society and activate grassroots movements for consumer choice were Maxime Bernier, Member of Canadian Parliament; Guy Bentley, Reason Foundation; David Clement and Fred Roeder, Consumer Choice Center. More information on the event that took place can be found here. SFL leader threatened for speaking out Jessica Murphy, Campus Coordinator at University of Wisconsin Green Bay, recently published an article highlighting the five most wasteful courses being offered at her school. University of Wisconsin is a public university and so […]
June 7, 2017

Unleashing Indonesia’s Potential

A Look At The Country’s Informal Sector And How It Would Benefit From Liberalization This article was written by SFL Charter Teams Member Alfi Syahrin Ario Waskito.  When people are asked to share their thoughts on Indonesia, what usually comes to their mind first is the image of a populous third-world country, a huge, tropical archipelago where people still live in the rain forest, and of course famous tourist hotspots such as the island of Bali. But there is much more to it than these clichés. Having spend the better part of my life in Indonesia, I can assure you that there are much more things to discover about this country, and even some valuable lessons to learn when it comes to economic development and […]
June 6, 2017

Freedom of Speech Under Attack in the University of Ibadan

By Leonard O’weide 6 June 2017 It is rather unfortunate that the University of Ibadan, adjudged as the “first and best” in Nigeria doesn’t give room for freedom of speech in its academic environment. According to reports gathered from the University, it has been observed that the Vice Chancellor is intolerant of opposing or divergent views and finds a way to punish students who speak against him, either by rustication or expulsion. There is a case of a Kingsley Chimenerem, a 100 level student in the faculty of science who wrote his opinion about the Vice Chancellor and the school administration on Facebook and was expelled from the institution despite plea from several individuals. This is an authoritarian crack down on freedom of speech which shouldn’t […]