Celebrate Diversity at ISFLC17

The Constitution of the United States, the Beatles, and SFL’s Tenth Anniversary International Conference. These three things share one common factor: diversity of ideas. Some of the most innovative ideas of all time came by way of differences in opinion. Among the signers of the Constitution, there were men of varying and numerous political beliefs and differences. It is perhaps a breath of fresh air to the lungs of the liberty-minded that many of the founding fathers were ideologically opposed. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, for example, were on the exact opposite spectrums of the political scale. Paul and John, the two most famous members of the Beatles, had the greatest creative differences. When writing songs, the duo fought vigorously over almost everything. Although it eventually lead to their break up, this diversity of opinion helped created some truly amazing music. 

Students For Liberty is truly proud to embrace the collaboration of so many different speakers and ideas at this year’s ISFLC. The philosophy of liberty has many strands, and you’ll find a lot of them represented at this year’s conference. From a debate between Bryan Caplan and Will Wilkinson over the ethics of a Universal Basic Income, to Dr. Greg Brannon discussing individualism versus Statism, to Jeffrey Tucker advocating for the revolutionary vision of liberalism, we’ve got plenty of discussion and debate for you!

Speakers include comedians Karith Foster and Jeremy McClellan as well as Senator Rand Paul and social psychologist Jonathan Haidt; and the panels cover such diverse areas as of Storytelling, Sex Trafficking, Freeing Yourself, The Future of Technological Regulations, and more.

Celebrate the diversity of ideas, freedom of speech, and respect for differing  opinions at the biggest liberty conference of the year February 17-19th in Washington, DC.

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