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May 26, 2017

The Right to Die: Luxembourg is a Front-Runner

Europe is known to have a healthy relationship to suicide: all countries (apart from Cyprus) allow suicide today. While it may seem ridiculous to enact any legislation that punishes an act that takes your life, let it be known that those laws crack down on attempted suicides as well. These rules can bring people who are suicidal, including terminally ill people, into very discomforting situations with the legal system. The Right to Die reaches further than just the act of committing suicide: several countries now also allow assisted suicide and euthanasia under certain conditions. Assisted suicide (which is legal in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden and Switzerland) describes the act of making lethal means available to a patient so that he can bring about his own […]
May 23, 2017

Bitcoin in Georgia: A Success Story

On April 28, Georgian Students for Liberty organized its fifth panel discussion for the Defend Your Wallet Campaign. We decided to dedicate this panel to the topic of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that are of big interest among Georgians. We invited young and successful people whose work is associated with cryptocurrencies to introduce the audience to the issue. Our first speaker was Sopo Chkoidze, head of the commercial department at eMoney, who focused on the current trends of bitcoin usage in Georgia and the services that they offer to their clients. The second speaker, Givi Chikovani joined the panel discussion through a skype call from Chicago. He’s currently the CEO of the Innovation and Development Foundation in North America and has vast knowledge about bitcoin […]
May 22, 2017

How the Free Market Overcomes Religious Coercion in Israel

State-religion relations are a tough issue in Israel. Israelis come from very different religious backgrounds; from totally secular atheists to hardline ultra-orthodox and everything in between; and that’s only the Jews. This creates a lot of tension about the 70 year old compromise called “The Status Quo”. But in recent weeks, without any political action, something happened. Something big. “There is no public transportation on the Sabbath, the Jewish holy day of Saturday, in 95% percent of Israel” says Roy Schwartz Tichon, founder of “Noa Tanua” (Hebrew for Galilei’s “Yet it moves”). “That’s though 72% of the Israeli population supports public transportation on Saturday, polls says. But even if only one person wanted a ride and one wanted to offer it. How can the rest […]
May 17, 2017

European Development Associate

Students For Liberty is currently seeking a passionate and professional individual to lead our efforts in development, assisting raising funds on local and regional level and helping us build our long list of sponsors and partners in Europe. We are making a strategic investment in this field to help build up our development department and ensure even more resources for student leaders and groups European Students For Liberty are supporting. Responsibilities Oversight of development activities of local leaders, managing and leading development for major ESFL programs and activities Building up the long list of SFL’s partners and supporters Training student leaders to do local development Build up SFL’s brand, partnerships, and donor base around Europe Qualifications A background in the following is strongly preferred, but […]
May 16, 2017

Brexit: Punishing British Firms Will Also Harm European Consumers

The will of the British people to leave the European Union (EU) has unfortunately exposed them to commercial sanctions. Of course, because of political correctness, no one in Brussels claims to want to punish the United Kingdom (UK). But there is, unfortunately, a lack of will from the EU to negotiate a satisfying trade deal, in a bid to make an example of the UK to avoid what European leaders call « contagion » of  the spread of eurosceptic ideas among other EU states. The problem of this punitive attitude lies in the fact that it’s also going to harm European consumers by impeding competition on the EU market, leading to higher prices and less innovation on a wide range of goods and services. In […]
May 16, 2017

Gay Cannibalism and Lesbian Propaganda in Lithuania

Be careful when you walk the streets of Lithuania. You might see things like lesbian extremist propaganda, gay cannibals or , even worse ,  a Nanny-State telling you who you should love or go to bed with. Of course, the first two examples are made-up, but the last one is real and if you haven’t been informed, here is a little lesson about love and liberty. Last week, a teenager from Lithuania shared a powerpoint presentation from religion lesson at a local school on her facebook profile. She expressed her concern about the way the teacher was speaking about homosexuality. The teacher argued that almost every person, that was convicted for homicide and cannibalism, was gay. She also spoke about Gay manifesto and showed a visualisation of […]
May 16, 2017

Save the Dates – 2017 Regional Conference Season

European Students For Liberty is proud to present the 2017 Regional Conference Lineup! Bringing together thousands of students from all over the world, featuring dozens of international speakers and offering an absolutely unique experience, European Students For Liberty Regional Conference Season belongs among the highlights of the year for liberty-minded people in Europe. This year, our leaders are bringing this opportunity to 18 European cities from Reykjavík to Tel Aviv! Check out the list of all conferences with dates Podgorica, Montenegro – 9/23/2017 Reykjavík, Iceland –  9/30/2017 Ankara, Turkey – 9/30/2017 Kiev, Ukraine – 10/7/2017 Stockholm, Sweden – 10/7/2017 Prague, Czech Republic – 10/14/2017 Madrid, Spain – 10/14/2017 Brno, Czech Republic – 10/21/2017 Bitola, Macedonia – 10/21/2017 Tel Aviv, Isrel – 10/26/2017 Sarajevo, Bosnia – 10/28/17 […]
May 16, 2017

The French Soda-Refill Ban: the Bitter Taste of Regulation

In January 2017, the French Parliament passed a bill that effectively banned free soda-refills in restaurants, in an attempt to tackle obesity. Where will its efforts lead us to? Rest assured, if living in France has confirmed one of my stereotypes, then it’s that you eat well. The République upholds culinary hedonism, and there are indeed health-related effects to this mindset: between 1997 and 2009, the obesity level has risen from 8.5 to 14.5 per cent. In 2016, Le Monde reports that the amount of obese people has risen to over 15.5 per cent, with 25.3 per cent of women and 41 per cent of men being generally overweight. In order to tackle this situation, consecutive governments have suggested and implemented large-scale government intervention. A Right or Left […]
May 14, 2017

We Can Actually Learn Something from the Flat Earth Society

The Earth is flat. NASA is a tax scheme. All you’ve ever heard of satellites, space travel and (of course) the moon landing – is a fraud. Let that sink in for a moment. If the statements above sound crazy to you, it may come as a surprise that some of those who read posts on the internet and watch YouTube videos made by a group called “The Flat Earth Society”, including influential celebrities, actually think some of it – or all of it – makes a lot of sense. We might ask ourselves: “How is it possible that in #current_year, almost 23 centuries after the Greek astronomer, Eratosthenes, calculated the size of the spherical Earth with a minor error, do people still believe it […]
May 12, 2017

Tbilisi Students Protest Grim Future of Georgian State Regulation

Georgian Students For Liberty (GSFL) and the Consumer Choice Center (CCC) are hosting a “plain packaged” nanny state store in Tbilisi to protest ridiculous lifestyle regulations following recent Georgian parliamentary attempts to restrict choice. Georgia’s first “Parliament approved” store will open its doors on May 12, at 5 pm and will run until May 14. “We’ve decided to create a Nanny State Store in Tbilisi to highlight the grim and bleak depiction of the future of Georgian regulation. Students For Liberty has done this successfully around the world, and we wanted to bring the fight to Georgia. Do we want a Parliament that treats adults like children? Or do we want a society that respects an adult’s freedom to choose?” said Liza Katsiashvili, local coordinator […]
May 12, 2017

What should government do about expensive medicine?

This week in Amsterdam, the World Health Organization (WHO) organized a ‘Fair Pricing Forum’ to discuss what to do about the cost of drugs. It was a closed meeting, so we don’t exactly know what was discussed. We know that one of the goals is to “facilitate discussion on strategies that could lead to a fairer price setting and a pricing system that is sustainable for health systems and for innovation.” It’s likely that price fixing by governments is one of these scenarios. And that is a very bad idea. Why Price-Fixing Doesn’t Work In the health care system of the Netherlands, we can find a good example of why exactly price fixing by is a bad idea. De Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit (NZa) is a government […]
May 10, 2017

Lithuania’s Alcohol Regulation Won’t Combat Alcoholism

The paternalistic government in Lithuania is eager to fight  individual urges to drink, and is willing to get tougher on alcohol consumers.      Alcohol consumption regulations in Lithuania are already among the strictest in European Union. According to WHO (World’s Health Organisation) Global status report on alcohol and health 2014, less than a third of countries apply restrictions on trading alcohol during certain days of the week. Meanwhile, the majority of countries do not apply severe restrictions on alcohol trading. That is why it is impossible to justify Lithuania’s alcohol trading restrictions using the EU experience as an example. It is worth remembering that current alcohol trading restrictions were introduced in 2007 (altered in 2009), but their effectiveness has not been proven yet. According to […]