Get Out the Liberty Grant Program


With the influx of new students, campus orientation is a unique opportunity to reach liberty-minded students as they begin their college careers. Many are exhausted by the current election cycle and the paltry choices they’ve been offered. They’re more ready than ever to receive the ideas of libertarianism and — if we present them well — this could be our biggest semester for on-campus recruiting yet.


Rather than forcing students to choose between two parties that may not fit their own beliefs, libertarian organizations on campus provide a third option. Not to mention a place for open and honest discussion about the political realities of our world. Campus strike teams can play a vital role in ensuring SFL leaders have the resources needed to bring incoming students into the fold. By finding creative ways to present the ideas of liberty, we can “disorient” new students this orientation season by reminding them that there is an alternative to the dominant two-party system and showing them how to get involved with SFL and our partners.

To this end, SFL is providing grants of up to $250 for activism aimed at outreach and recruitment during the month of September. We’re calling on you to “Get out the liberty.”

#GOTL Grant Details:

The goal of this project is to bring the ideas of liberty to new students on campus during orientation and student activity fairs and to supply our campus activists with plentiful ideas and resources to help engage incoming students in creative ways.

In contrast with the push to “Get out the vote” each election season, our aim is to highlight the individuality of each voter and the importance of choice. GOTV activism is the embodiment of the status quo and the false “choice” between parties that mirror one another. SFL and #GOTL instead represent the choice of liberty and our campaigns and student activism will reflect and highlight that.

Grant Qualifications

To qualify for the grant, you must carry out an activism event related to new student recruitment and the introduction of libertarian ideas. This could include, but is not limited to:

Apply Today

To apply, you must:
    Be a current student.
    Take several photos of your event to share with SFL.
    Write a short blog post (250-500 words) upon requested about your activity.
    The deadline to apply is September 22nd, 2016.


Tabling During Campus Orientation or Student Activities Fairs

These are prime opportunities to reach new students, since orientation and activities fairs are where students make decisions about which clubs to get involved in. Each tabling event presents an opportunity to get creative and find issue areas and concepts that students will be most amenable to. Topics can be fairly broad, considering the main goal is just educating and attracting people to the ideas of liberty.

Check out these tips for tabling from North American Chair, Wade Craig.


Single Issue Topics

These activities could focus on bringing attention to core issue areas in libertarianism: drug war, privacy rights, open borders immigration, free market principles, and the non-aggression principle. Through creative tabling that demonstrates the value of limited government, many more students could be reached during a formative time in their development of ideas.

Operation Politically Homeless Quizzes

These can be done quickly and easily while tabling, and they provide people with a good opportunity to learn about political ideologies and inclinations that are less frequently talked about within a two-party system.
Operation Politically Homeless quizzes have been used by many student groups in past tabling activities and provide an opportunity for students to discern where they lie politically, often revealing more libertarian leanings.

More from The Advocates for Self-Government:

OPH empowers libertarian activists with everything they need to easily set up eye-catching outreach booths that entice passers-by to take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and encounter libertarian ideas. Tens of thousands of Americans have been exposed to the ideas of a new political map thanks to OPH. Thousands have become libertarians, thanks to Operation Politically Homeless!

And another great thing about OPH — it is FUN! Over and over again, users tell us how much fun they have with OPH. It’s a great outreach activity for new libertarians and veterans alike.Each OPH Kit provides everything you need to supply a booth, including banners, posters, Quiz cards and even how-to training materials, so it’s a snap to run a libertarian outreach program at your next big event — just add volunteers!”


Deep Web Screening

On September 27th, at 8:00 PM EST Students For Liberty is teaming up with Young Americans for Liberty and Students for Sensible Drug Policy to bring you the national Campus Debut of Deep Web. The movie tells the story of Ross Ulbricht’s efforts to create the “Silk Road” online market, which ended with his 2013 arrest. Ross’s story touches on a number of important issues for modern libertarians, including the drug war, Internet privacy, non-state institutions, and exciting new technologies like crypto-currency.

For a personal touch, we’ll also behosting a live, post-screening interview with Ross’s mother Lyn Ulbricht and the Director of Deep Web, Alex Winter! You’ll have the chance to submit questions to be answered by Lyn or Alex during the live Q&A! Submit your questions by tweeting with the hashtag #DeepWebScreening, and they may answer you live during the interview.

You can also apply for a Students For Liberty GOTL grant of up to $250

for any promotion, setup, or additions to this event. Whether you’d like to provide popcorn for viewers, or print fliers to get the word out, apply for your GOTL grant today.

Join dozens of other activists who are already beginning plans to screen Deep Web, and apply today!


Constitution Day Activities

Held on the closest weekday to September 17th each year, Constitution Day commemorates the signing of the U.S. Constitution and American citizenship (because, upon signing, all those who were born in the United States became official citizens). For 2016, it falls on Friday, September 16th, and presents a prime opportunity to educate students on their rights, particularly those which are often abridged or infringed on by overreaching governments.

Strike team projects could take a variety of forms focused on issues such as free speech, firearm ownership and privacy rights, encouraging students to think about times when the government has impeded the ability to live freely as outlined by the Constitution. They could also focus on the citizenship aspect of Constitution Day and focus on issues related to immigration and dissecting the hateful rhetoric that has been used during the 2016 election cycle, engaging others on the topic and delving into issues of citizenship and immigration.

More information (and resources!) on Constitution Day here.



Due Process


Gun Rights




Free Speech


Ideas Not Included Above

Students can submit any idea or activity that is not mentioned above provided it is consistent with the intent of the funding. Proposals can be described in the online application and should include a few sentences about the actual activity, a few sentences about the logistical components and expected costs, and a sentence about how it is consistent with the intent of the grant and able to accomplish desired objectives. SFL is happy to fund creative projects, provided they still achieve the desired goals of spreading the ideas of liberty to other students.

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