Students For Liberty originally began in North America back in 2008. Despite growing into a vast international organization since then, our North American programs remain a key part of our efforts towards creating a freer and more prosperous society. Our passionate team of 123 Campus Coordinators work hard to organize their own Regional Conferences and activism events with the help of our leadership retreats and various grant programs. Students also grapple with advanced libertarian theory in our Virtual Reading Groups.

Some highlights of 2016 include our nationwide Deep Web screenings, the 2016 Campus Coordinator Retreat, the Get Out The Liberty campaign, and our ongoing Speak Freely Advocate Program.




July 8, 2019

LibertyCon 2020

April 23, 2019

4/20: “Pot Brownies” to bring attention to the impact of the War on Drugs

On their annual Criminal Justice Week, students of the University of Iowa organized a “Meth Lab” on Monday, protested the Patriot Act on Tuesday, addressed US incarceration rates on Wednesday, and hosted […]
March 19, 2019

LibertyCon19: My Journey in Faith and Freedom

It takes a 20 hours long flight from Mumbai all the way to Washington DC; however, it takes the passion for liberty to be privileged among the thousands of leaders around the […]


Yusuf Mahmood

Mid-Atlantic Regional Director

Yusuf Mahmood

Mid-Atlantic Regional Director

Bio: Yusuf was born and raised in the Baltimore area, and currently attends the University of Maryland at College Park where he is pursuing a degree in economics and philosophy. Yusuf previously served as a Campus Coordinator with Students For Liberty and President of the Young Americans for Liberty chapter on his campus, and is now the Maryland State Chair of Young Americans for Liberty and Mid-Atlantic Regional Director with Students For Liberty. In addition to a deep interest in politics and philosophy, he is also interested in general issues of science, religion, and the human mind. When he’s not buried in books, you will find Yusuf singing, playing music, or engaging in a friendly debate.