Canada: John Stuart Mill’s “On Liberty” – April 21-23

Canada: Hayek’s Social and Political Thought – April 21-23
March 1, 2017
SFLB Entrevista – Felipe Lungov: “A vacina contra o populismo econômico é ensinar economia à população.”
March 1, 2017

This conference is intended as a re-examination and consideration of Mill’s classic text, On Liberty. Though the work’s position is a contested one, with supporters and detractors among those who love liberty, this very debate suggests that there is still much to consider, even in a well-known text.

When: April 21-23, 2017
Where: Toronto, Ontario
Discussion Leader: Peter Jaworski
Application Deadline: April 7, 2017



Discussion Leader: Peter Jaworski

Peter Martin Jaworski is an Assistant Teaching Professor teaching business ethics. He is a Director of the Institute for Liberal Studies, and has also been a Visiting Research Professor at Brown University. He received his PhD in Philosophy from Bowling Green State University, his MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy from the London School of Economics, and an MA in Philosophy from the University of Waterloo. Peter‘s academic work has been published in several journals including Ethics, Philosophical Studies, the Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence, The University of Pennsylvania’s Journal of Constitutional Law, the Journal of Value Inquiry, the Journal of Business Ethics, and Ethical Theory and Moral Practice. Along with Jason Brennan, Peter is the author of “Markets without Limits: Moral Virtues and Commercial Interests” published by Routledge. Prior to joining the faculty at Georgetown, Peter was a visitor in the Philosophy department at the College of Wooster, and was an instructor in Philosophy at Bowling Green State University.