Katarzyna Cyrbus

Krzysztof Kowalski
January 11, 2017
Daniel Issing
January 11, 2017

Katarzyna Cyrbus

Position: Regional Director of Eastern Europe

Country/State: Poland

School: Warsaw School of Economics

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Katarzyna completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at Warsaw School of Economics and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree. She have been involved in the liberty movement in Poland for four years, during which she was working for libertarian think tank in Poland: FOR Foundation, as an Events Associate. In ESFL she has worked firstly as a Local Coordinator and then as a National Coordinator for Poland before becoming the Regional Director for Eastern Europe in 2015.

Favorite Figures in Liberty:
John Stuart Mill & Harriet Taylor Mill
Milton & Rose Friedman
Tom G. Palmer
Johan Norberg
Mary Wollstonecraft

On Students For Liberty Europe:

“Students For Liberty is an unique organization, which supports and empowers young people around the world to continue their struggle for more freedom and is doing it in very effective way. Working with such passionate and well-educated people is an honor and great pleasure for me.”