Krzysztof Kowalski

Kotryna Tamkutė
January 11, 2017
Katarzyna Cyrbus
January 11, 2017

Krzysztof Kowalski

Position: ESFL Strategic Director

Country/State: Poland

School: Warsaw School of Economics

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Krzysztof has been Executive Board Member since 2015, initially holding the position of Regional Director for Eastern Europe, and currently being responsible for the development of organisation’s strategy. He studied Finance and Accounting at Warsaw School of Economics and was involved in Polish liberal think-tank Civil Development Forum (FOR). Krzysztof is interested in international economics, public policies enhancing liberty and entrepreneurship.

Favorite Figures in Liberty:
Leszek Balcerowicz
Tom G. Palmer
Milton Friedman

On Students For Liberty Europe:

“Students For Liberty give an extraordinary possibility to meet libertarians from all over the world – wherever you are, there is always someone who is related to SFL, ready to meet, help, and work together for liberty. We may have different opinions on particular issues, but our goal is always the same – freedom for all the people of the world. This is what gives us strength and hope for the future to build free societies around the planet.”