Mariam Gogolishvili

Mariam Gogolishvili

“We were born in an extraordinary era; there have been a lot of political and social changes in the world during last decades. Due to Students For Liberty the first active libertarian youth movement emerged and is already playing a crucial role in defending and promoting liberty worldwide. Thanks to SFL we find ourselves standing united on the right side of history – changing the world to a freer place.”

Position: Local Coordinator

Country/State: Georgia

School: Free University Tbilisi

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Mariam is from Tbilisi, Georgia. She is studying Governance and Social Sciences at Free University Tbilisi. She’s working as a journalist at Tabula TV and specializes in international politics. Mariam is an organizer of the campaign “Defend Liberty Georgia”, which has been launched to counter the rise in anti-western messages and propaganda in Georgia.

Mariam is a Students For Liberty Local Coordinator since 2015. Within the Liberty Movement, her first and foremost interest is Drug Policy Reform. She’s a member of National Drug Policy Alliance and she’s an organizer of “2nd June”, movement leading the reform of decriminalization of Cannabis in Georgia. Other than that she’s a devoted activist and works with several Drug Policy NGOs and activist groups.

Favorite Figures in Liberty:
Frédéric Bastiat
Kakha Bendukidze
Edward Snowden
Ross Ulbricht