Drug War

July 24, 2017

The Fight Against Darknet Markets Will Lead us Nowhere

The past week was a sad one for online freedom. Liberty’s last sanctuary has been threatened once again by the usual, ignorant and relentless governmental bodies in Europe and the US. Their […]
June 13, 2017

The Cost of the War on Drugs: the Example of France

France is among the most strict European countries in the repression against drugs. As a result, the question about the real cost of this repression of illegal substances arises is a particularly […]
September 12, 2016

What would you say to a man who reduced drug violence?

This post was written by SFL Communications Associate Daniel Pryor and first published on Medium. What would you say to a man who reduced drug violence? A man who clicked his fingers […]
December 9, 2015

The Narrative on Gun Control is Dangerously Misleading

How often does banning things actually work? With abortion, for instance, it’s argued that we can’t go back to a pre-Roe paradigm because women would still seek abortions, but would not be […]
June 16, 2015

“Do Not Arrest!” ESFL Protests Drug War in Georgia

  Early this month, European Students For Liberty (ESFL) leaders in Georgia helped organize a rally in Tbilisi to promote marijuana decriminalization. Hundreds of young Georgians showed up in support. The protesters […]
November 10, 2014

Destroying the Village in Order to Save It

During the Vietnam War, a U.S. major justified bombing and shelling civilian areas in Bến Tre by saying “It became necessary to destroy the town to save it.” This statement evolved into the […]
September 29, 2014

Does Obama Believe He Should Have Gone to Prison?

As President Obama has admitted since long before entering politics, he’s done his fair share of illegal drugs. In his 1995 book, Dreams From My Father, he wrote that he’d used marijuana […]
September 5, 2014

The Empire and the Drug War

Check out SFL’s campaign to end the War on Drugs at endthedrugwar.org.  It’s all too easy to see the “War on Drugs” as merely metaphor or hyperbole devised by melodramatic politicians, yet the […]